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About Our Cause

Help us to end Homelessness for some in 2022 - Charity Raffle.


Are you a student looking for additional money to live on during your studies?

Here is a good way to make up to £1,000 per raffle using your online marketing skills.  There will be 10 Raffles this year including cars, houses and high-value industrial electrical items. 


The purpose of the Raffles

I am leading a major development in 2022 @emergencyshelterprotect to build a Bespoke 89 Unit Facility to rehabilitate the homeless.  Homelessness comes in various formats from a breakdown in a relationship to falling out with your relatives, to Landlords requiring their properties back for other purposes, loss of income, bereavement, etc.


Help us to raise the #start-up costs of £200,000 (total project costs 5.6ml) which will enable the following:-

1. Acquire the site for development
2. Pay the architects to bring our design ideas to life
3. Apply to the Local Authority for the Planning Permission
4. Pay the solicitors fees to execute the transactions

It will be like no other homeless shelter you have ever seen. Our clients will emerge at the end of their time spent with us with semi to permanent accommodation and employment and/or strict working progress.

My team consists of 6 prolific property specialists with 76 years in large property development projects, a quantity surveyor with million-pound contracts under his umbrella; a contractor with many years experience in property development management and experts in funding/lending/brokerage and others many years in Estate Management and the Buy to Let industry.   All bases of experience have been covered to ensure the success of this project.

How it works and what could you earn?

You will be registered on our Raffle platform as an affiliate where you could potentially earn (10%-20%) of the sale of each ticket.  We agree this beforehand in writing.  You could earn up to £1.00 per ticket sold. In our experience putting the link out there on all your social media platforms could see twenty tickets per day being sold.  There is no reason why you could not sell a minimum of 500 tickets in a month.  You could work in groups of 5’s or 10’s to maximise the opportunity.

Commissions are paid directly to your account.  No hassle!  You will have your individual bespoke affiliate link registered to you and you would be able to monitor your ticket sales at a glance.  You will get paid as soon as the competition ends or the last ticket is sold, whichever comes first.  The success of each Raffle will be pretty much in your hands, though we will be driving the online marketing from our perspective as well.  It’s a tall order that’s why we need your help.  All the details of how you can get started are on the site or if you prefer you can contact us and we will email you the instructions. 

See the current raffle link below.  You can Road Test this to get the hang of the process: Raffle link below:-

Finally, you will be supporting a worthwhile cause.  We can also confirm this activity as work experience to support your studies.  We aim to house 89 rough sleepers in 2022

You can work from home or if you prefer arrangements can be made to operate from Wolverhampton Science Park business space.

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